Disinfection Services

For over 20 years, we have worked with a variety of manufacturing plants to help them maintain sanitary operating conditions and procedures. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 Corona Virus, it has become necessary for not only food manufacturing facilities to follow these protocols; but, also all businesses where people interact with one another.

Call us today to prevent your company from becoming this invisible enemy's next victim!

No business wants to be or can afford to be named as source of the spread of that virus or any other contagion. With that in mind, we have formed a strategic alliance with Bactronix Corporation to exclusively utilize their Rapid Response BactrPacx2 along with their BactroKill Plus product to provide disinfection services.

The process we use is a “no touch” infection control technology that is exactly like no other. Our system electrostatically charges the BactroKill disinfectant, which is proprietary stabilized chlorine dioxide, so that the BactroKill effectively coats virtually the entire surface area of application. It is extremely more effective than gravity applied disinfectants.

Our products have been proven both safe and effective. The disinfectant itself is a hospital grade, EPA registered material that has been proven effective against viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, algae and volatile organic compounds. The composition of the disinfectant, as applied via electrostatic nanotechnology results in our product seeking out and killing bacteria through mechanical action.

Perfect for Commercial and Residential Uses

Currently in many different commercial applications, such as hotels, medical and dental facilities, restaurants, manufacturing plants, car dealerships, ambulance services, long-term care facilities, general office space, hospitals, day-care operations and many others.



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