At our main facility, we have a manufacturing line dedicated to short runs to support those endeavors.   Whether you are developing an entirely new bar, or you are trying to support an emerging line of existing options, there are no other companies that offer our range and depth of services.  At this facility we can bake, extrude, and sheet bars. Plus, we have a dedicated packaging line and two enrobing lines – one for chocolate and one for chocolate-like coatings. When operated by our personnel with decades of experience and utilized in combination with our sensory services division, we offer an unmatched chance to perfect and deliver your products to market.  There is no place else that can develop, test and manufacture your products the way we do.  And if you happen to need manufacturing services beyond which we can offer on-site, we can help get you to the best place for your needs by supervising manufacturing at one of our partner facilities, as we have done for decades for clients.

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