Sensory Analysis

Everyone has that favorite food. They can taste it just by thinking about it. In the food industry, flavor is central to making profits. However, just having something that tastes good to your development department isn’t good enough. You need a partner to help profile your products and test them to increase the desirability of those products over an entire spectrum of consumers.

Sensory analysis has two main parts.

First, we do a full descriptive analysis and flavor profile of the items being analyzed. While the different aspects being profiled are derived from standardized scientific areas, where those products fall in those categories is an art form. Our personnel have decades of experience working with companies of all sizes, including large multi-nationals. Naturally, that background greatly benefits our clients in this delicate area.

The second part of sensory analysis is the give and take associated with using information derived from consumer testing to help better a new or existing product. We can use a variety of methods to accomplish this task. While we can go “on-site” or use our new facility to have test consumers provide feedback in a meaningful and constructive way.  Of course, interpretation of this feedback is essential to utilizing this information ultimately to maximize improvement of the products entrusted to us.

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