Food Safety and Quality Programs

Producing your product safely and hygienically is not just suggested, it is mandated by our current regulatory environment. It’s no secret that the FDA is increasing strict on manufacturing processes, in addition to other regulatory agencies. You must be vigilant in manufacturing practices to successfully run the gauntlet that is our current regulatory environment.

Being independent consultants, we have served and serve both manufacturing facilities and those who have their product manufactured those facilities. Depending upon how we are retained, our personnel are capable of filling a variety of roles on a temporary or permanent basis.  Examples of some of the areas in which we can assist include, but are not limited to: HAACP, SQF, education and training, allergen testing, assessment and auditing, as well as many others.

Once a company makes the effort to produce a high-quality and recognized product, they will inevitably draw a following. However, nothing can reduce that following faster than selling products of differing quality and taste. This area of our practice concentrates on helping you to produce high-quality, extremely consistent products time and time again.

In times where even a single recall can decimate a company’s sales due to ever flowing, globally-available information streams, it is extremely important to create and implement quality control systems for every product you produce. Our personnel can envision, create, implement and monitor those systems on an ongoing basis. In fact, for many of our clients we serve as their monitoring service for quality control on an ongoing basis. Serving in this manner allows us to keep high standards and saves our clients time, worry and expenses of hiring permanent personnel to accomplish these tasks.

Please take a minute to contact us to discuss how we can implement a solution for you.


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