Product Development

We offer a full-range of research and development services relevant to confectionery, food and pharma logical products. Central to every company is their product. If the product is good, then business is okay. If the product is excellent, then the sky is the limit. This portion of our firm concentrates on product development and improvement. We can take an idea and turn it into a manufactured product ready for delivery. We can also take an average product and make it a great one.

We offer a complete and detailed product development cycle.  Unlike other companies that may only offer formulation assistance, we can help with all facets of product development. In our minds, it is not enough that the product itself be great; but, you must also test the product and make sure it can be economically and efficiently manufactured. Having full sensory facilities and experience, we may often choose that as a start in evaluating what could make that product as good as it can be. Other times, we will initiate the project by utilizing the equipment in our 4300 square foot laboratory, or part of our second facility that concentrates solely on manufacturing. Our staff is expert at not only finding the best co-packing facility, whether that be ours or someone else’s. Should our facilities not be the best suited for your needs, we can actually go to the facility and supervise its manufacture.

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Examples of some of our recent work include:

From idea to production

A client came to us with a cookie that they thought would appeal to a certain ethnicity.  They asked us to make a nutrition bar that tastes like the cookie; but, that also had a specific nutrition profile. We were able to develop a product that met all of the client’s needs, including sourcing both the ingredients and a place to manufacture it.

Match a market leader

A pharmaceutical firm asked to use our sensory services on a confectionery product so that they could match the flavor of the market leader in a certain segment.  We were able to provide sufficient feedback that allowed the client to be confident in its decision to manufacture the tested product.

Develop a whole new line

A food company asked us to redevelop an existing nutritional bar-like product to make it more marketable. We redesigned the form factor, flavor profile and nutritional profile that enabled the company the ability to pursue a new market segment with confidence.



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